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Sound Journeys

Deep Drumming

Sacred Gong Meditation

Shamanic Journeying

$120 / hr

2 Hours

per Session

About Sound Journeys

 Leonardo DaVinci points to the profound importance of sound when he asks, "Do you know that our soul is composed of harmony?" Sound's powerful vibrations affect us on all levels simultaneously, and help us restore, rebalance, reprogram, and rejuvenate.


Whether you view your Sound Journey from the perspective of healing, or purely as a pleasant sound experience - you can't help but experience the deep relaxation & nurturing that comes from spending time, bathed in intentional sound.


Much study has been done regarding the power of sound, but I think this quote from Dr. Mitchell Gaynor sums it up best, "Sound can redress imbalances on every level of psychologic functioning... We become tranquil, and our muscles relax, our breathing and heart rate slows, our blood pressure decreases, and our brain waves take on characteristic patterns of relaxation... One reason sound heals on a physical level is because it so deeply touches and transforms us on the emotional and spiritual planes."

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Deep Drumming

The practice of drumming for healing, insight, and discovery is as old as humanity itself. Drumming for extended periods gives us an opportunity to sink deep into layers of consciousness we may not typically access. The rhythmic repetition of deep drum tones has a powerful effect on the body, brain and nervous system – energizing and transforming us, almost effortlessly. These two-hour sessions are designed for those who want to reach far and wide in their journeys into self and spirit. Simply sink into yourself & allow these powerful yet gentle vibrations to carry you inward – as far as you wish to go. Each session starts with an inspiring reading from the Mayan Oracle, which is followed by over an hour of rhythmic, resonant drumming with a sacred, deer-hide drum. Once you’ve returned from your beautiful journey, we round out the experience with either quietude or sharing, as you wish.

* Deep Drumming sessions are available In-person only.

The drum is the Great Spirit’s favourite instrument.

That is why we are given a heartbeat.

Mano, Navajo Elder

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Sacred Gong Meditation

The sacred gong has been used in meditation, ritual, and healing for millennia, and is a uniquely captivating instrument. The gong affects the physical and the parasympathetic nervous systems, and its power lies in its ability to engage us on multiple levels at once. We are compelled to hear, feel, and wonder at its layers and complexities to such an extent, that listening becomes a truly visceral experience. Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga says, “The mind has no power to resist a gong that is well-played.” These tranquil, two-hour sessions are designed for relaxation and healing as you simply drift into stillness & allow the gentle sound of these restorative vibrations to carry you away. Each session starts with an inspiring reading from the Mayan Oracle, which is followed by over an hour of gently resonating, deeply nurturing, rhythmic, sacred gong. Once you’ve returned from your beautiful journey, we round out the experience with either quietude or sharing.

* Sacred Gong sessions are available In-person only.




When you play the gong,

it feels like my whole entire being gets turned

into billions and billions of tiny little pieces,

then gets put back together,


E.W. - age 4

Image by Elia Pellegrini

Shamanic Journeying

Every one of us is capable of attaining direct access to wisdom and healing through the spirit realm. Through Shamanic Journeying, you can learn to recognize and understand the language of plants, animals, elements & elementals. Working directly with your guardians and guides to manifest your highest potential, you can facilitate immediate healing and empowerment for yourself and those around you.

* Shamanic Journeying sessions are available In-person only. 

We are born into the world of nature;

our second birth is into the world of spirit.

the Bhagavad Gita

Sound Journeys

He who knows the secret of sound

knows the mystery of the whole universe. 

Hazrat Inayat Khan

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