Your Goals are Seeds

This is a time for wonder and magic to happen.

Stay clear.

Stay focused.

Plant the seeds of your destiny’s becoming, wherever you go.

They will be fed and watered by the universal rhythms & movements of the moon.

You can not do the wrong thing in pursuit of your goals,

for your goals are seeds, growing deep within you

pressing out on the skin of their shells

in ways you have yet to understand.

The Universe is asking you to heed the call

to complete your mission on this planet.

People are waiting to embrace you.

People are waiting to support you.

People are waiting for you to become yourself in your authentic form,

and the Universe will not settle for less than what you promised.

Your contract is clear,

and you must fulfill it.

You must become fully,

what you already know yourself to be.



#selfactualization #sacredcontracts #soulseeds