The Confrontation Technique for Self Mastery

Question: How do I overcome long-standing habits & behaviors that are no longer working for me, but seem to be deeply embedded in my consciousness?

One way to address this is by using something called the Confrontation Technique for Self Mastery. This technique can be used to help us overcome behaviours, thoughts, habits and even addictions that are causing us harm, impeding our success or growth, or are otherwise no longer useful to us. The beauty of this technique is that it puts the power to change our lives exactly where it belongs – with us – in our very own mind, body, heart and spirit.

The Confrontation Technique is built on the premise that all that is un-evolved, harmful or lacking in the human experience is generated by a specific type of energy in the mind. This energy is a weakness or victim energy, and is the foundation upon which a weakness habit or pattern is formed.

Each and every one of us is imbued with an innate, unlimited, perfection-oriented, energy or power that can be called upon to assist us in achieving self-mastery. We may have different names for this power-energy, depending on whether or not we subscribe to a particular religious or spiritual practice. We could also simply see it as the Self – perfected and free.

For the purpose of this exercise, I will call this power-energy ‘the Universe’.

When we engage the power-energy of the Universe in direct confrontation with the weakness energy that is causing us to continue destructive patterns, we can gain greater mastery of our lives.

There are three simple prerequisites for this practice:

1. We must be sincerely committed to changing what isn’t working in our lives.

2. We must be sincerely committed to our own success and happiness.

3. We must sincerely trust that the limitless, healing, transformational power-energy of the Universe within us is infinitely stronger than any temporal, ego based, or externally imposed weakness energy in our mind, body, heart or spirit.

Once these prerequisites are in place, the Confrontation Technique for Self-Mastery can be applied to virtually ANYTHING – from overcoming fear, to becoming more productive, to mastering addictions, improving relationships, or anything else we want to improve in our lives.