Staring Down My Own Reflection – Look How Far We’ve Come!

Many years ago in Victoria, I had occasion to find myself smack in the middle of a Small & Home-Based Business Trade Show. Not a particularly remarkable happening, I know, but just wait until I put it in context for you…

I was invited by a friend to fill her husband’s spot when he couldn’t make it out for the weekend. In typical Teron fashion, I jumped right in with both feet – wasting no time wondering what it was exactly, that I was jumping in to. I mean – the universe had just invited me out to play and I was EXCITED! Here was an opportunity to showcase my work! My practice! My passion! Man – was I stoked!

The morning of the show arrived. I was up and out of bed before the crack of dawn, making sure that everything was ready to go.

Gong… check.

Crystals… check.

Singing Bowls… check.

Signs offering Energy Work… Loving Guidance… Transformative Healing… check.

Melissa and I packed ourselves into our overstuffed hatchback and hit the road! Pulling in to the parking lot at the Rec. Centre, we were buzzing with anticipation. We hopped out of our car, skipped up to the building, and opened the door…

Enter – a scene so far outside our realm, it was like walking on to another planet. Here was the Accountant. Here was Web Design & Marketing. Here was The Business Examiner. Here was Revenue flipping Canada, for crying out loud! Every single booth was perfectly arranged in formal black-skirted-table-fancy-bannered-business fashion, and I’m pretty sure that most of the vendors were actually wearing suits.


Melissa and I slipped quietly back out to our car to assess our situation. Gaping shamefacedly at our $500 rusted-out beater with the upside-down easy chair, and the poorly rolled-up area rug protruding awkwardly from the rear (we’ve all been there!), we decided we had two choices: We could go back inside and humiliate ourselves, or we could run.

We opted for humiliation.