Our Deaths Should Be a Celebration

All passings are related,

but they are not the same.

They are related in the way that all things are related.

They are part of the All One –

the greater fabric of this thing we call humanity.

There is a call now,

for us to begin to understand mortality

in a remembered way.

For far too long,

most of us have feared death.

We have looked upon it as something to be avoided,

and we have committed atrocities of suffering

in our efforts to cling to human bodies.

We have forgotten that death is sacred.

We have forgotten that there is great power,

magic, wisdom,

and healing

in returning to the stardust from whence we came.

Our grieving is long & hard,

and we mostly neglect to sing & dance our loved ones’ passings.

Our pain is the nature of our attachment.

We still believe

that this human body is our highest form.