Missing the point…

You exist. You simply ARE. All this straining and striving misses the point.

Stop. Listen. Be still. Be silent.

Look around you…

Is there any other creature that expends such effort to be something other than what it is?

Rest for a moment. Accept that there is no definitive right or wrong. Understand that all you can do is act, in your highest integrity, in the moment. What you are certain of today may well come undone tomorrow.

It doesn’t matter.

Feel the freedom in that…

Let go of control.

Liberate yourself from the idea that there is some way you can be bigger, better, smarter, stronger, wiser, more valuable, or more perfect than another, more infallibly your self.

Release yourself from the prison of needing to be right.

There are no mistakes.

You are no mistake.

You exist.

You ARE.