Let’s Talk About Counselling

If the idea of counselling makes you uncomfortable, you’re not alone. Most of my clients have said it took them a really long time to gather the courage to contact me. They’ve also said they wish they’d done it way sooner! If you’ve never seen a counsellor before, you might share some familiar concerns.

Let's take a look at some of the most common concerns, and the facts around them:

1. I’m not weak, incompetent, or crazy. Isn’t that who counselling is for?

2. I’m worried I won’t like my counsellor.

3. I don't see the point in revisiting the bad stuff that has happened to me.

4. My loved one thinks I’m going to say bad things about them.

5. I’m concerned about my privacy.

6. I don’t know what to expect.

Here's the truth…

1. There isn’t a person on earth who knows how to do everything flawlessly. That includes navigating emotional landscapes and negotiating the complexities of human relationships. It’s a mark of intelligence, strength, wisdom and maturity to recognize that you can benefit from another’s expertise and to consult with them accordingly.

2. It’s extremely important that you do like your counsellor. You need to feel comfortable with them, and be confident that what they offer will be useful. If you don’t find the right match on the first try, don’t be afraid to keep looking. A good counsellor will encourage you to find the right counsellor for you, and may even recommend a colleague!

3. Good counselling isn't focused on the bad stuff that's happened to you. In fact, we don't have to talk about that at all, unless you want to. Good counselling is focused on getting really clear about where you're at now, taking a good look at what is and isn't working for you, and developing skills, insights, tools and strategies you can use to change what isn't working, navigate challenges with grace and confidence, and manifest more of what it is that brings you peace, joy and satisfaction.

4. Your friends and family can rest easy. A good counsellor will keep the focus of every session on you – your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs; your behaviours, discoveries, and solutions. You’ll be so enthusiastically engaged in learning about yourself, you won’t even remember to focus on anyone else!