Intention Setting

One of the things Melissa & I do each day, is begin by setting a clear intention for our waking hours. This doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as pulling a card from a Tarot or Oracle deck, and connecting with that energy; or making a statement that embodies what you want to create in your day. For example: "My day will go smoothly & all my interactions will be peaceful..."

We find it works best to focus on the ENERGY of the day, rather than on tasks to fulfill, or behaviours to practice (although sometimes, we have to deal with those as well!).

Setting a daily intention can be done in a few quiet moments before you rise, or even while you shower or brush your teeth! The important thing is to try to see it clearly, if only for a moment.

For couples, or families – it can also be really powerful to set a combined intention. We often use something like: today we will enjoy one another’s company & appreciate one another as we are.



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