Imaginary Friends

I came across a useful and instructive article on how to approach a child and their imaginary friend. It contains some good tips. (See article here.)

In reading it however, I wondered how many of us have ever considered the possibility that a child’s imaginary friend might actually be real…

There are many, many schools of thought out there that acknowledge the existence of spirit guides, angels, inter-planetary emissaries, animal guides, etc, etc, etc. In fact, scientists and physicists are now postulating that things as fantastical as parallel universes most likely do exist.

Across the globe, and throughout history, our mystics & healers & medicine people have experienced visions & visitations, and looked to these experiences as the guiding force behind their wisdom, healing and leadership. Many of our most revered saints, leaders and religious/spiritual icons have lived their lives (and often died) swearing that they were guided in their actions, by direct communications from god, or some other emissary from a world or worlds unseen by most.

More children and adults than I can count will tell you that they too have had “mystical” experiences – connecting in profound ways with angels & guides; travelling across dimensions; visiting other worlds; and otherwise experiencing realities that are not commonly talked about in everyday life. Most of them are stable, educated, upstanding citizens, with jobs and families, and even children of their own.

As you read the article and think about a child’s relationship with an imaginary friend, consider for a moment:

What if this child’s imaginary friend is actually real? 

What if this child’s imaginary friend is an angel or guide, sent to protect them from danger? 

What if this child’s imaginary friend is there to teach them (or you) something important?

What if