Here's Why Deep-Dive 2hr Counselling Sessions Yield Better Results

Counselling is the heart and soul of my practice, and my lifelong passion. Whether on its own, or combined with supportive therapies, conducted in deep-dive, 2 hour sessions, this work can be exponentially more effective than standard, 45min-1hr sessions. Here's why:

If you've ever gone to counselling, or had a massage, or engaged in any other therapy designed to help regulate the nervous system, inspire healing, or solve a problem, you've probably experienced the following...

You arrive at your appointment, carrying the energy of whatever you were just doing with you. Maybe you're in a rush because you were running late, or you're still grumpy from an interaction that didn't sit well with you. Or maybe you're flying high on a new idea or success.

You roll in, take your jacket off, say your hellos, and get to the work of trying to articulate a summary of where you're at today. As the session begins, you struggle to settle into being present. Your mind is full, your body won't relax, and your thoughts are jumbled. A good chunk of time passes before you finally start to find some breathing room. You have a few, fleeting minutes of ease, and then the session is over and it's time to go home.

In my own healing journey, and over many years of practice, I've seen, time and time again, that it takes at least 30-45 minutes for clients to shake off the day and really settle into a session.

It's almost always at the 45 minute to 1 hour mark that clients find their groove, and the good stuff starts to happen. Imagine the difference it makes when, rather than shut everything down just as you're having an 'aha' moment, or are about to experience a breakthrough, we remain engaged until your process reaches its natural conclusion - usually around the 2 hour mark.

This gives you the opportunity to experience the deep insights and profound resolutions that will afford you lasting healing and integration. It makes this work exceptionally effective, and usually means you'll require less frequent and fewer sessions, overall. This saves you time, money, and most importantly - it emp