False Positive: The Hidden Truth Behind, "I'm Fine."

I’M FINE. Miserable. Depressed. Sad.  I’M FINE.  In Pain. Angry. Confused.  I’M GOOD. Suffering. Lonely. Hurt. I’M WELL. On the brink. On the edge. Ready to snap.  I’M STILL KICKIN’.  Ready to loose it. Frightened. Pissed off.  I’M ROLLIN’ ALONG.  Betrayed. Useless. Defeated.  I’M OK.  Unworthy. Ugly. Stupid.  I’M GREAT.  Broken. Fragile. On the verge of tears.  I’M STILL SMILING. On the edge of a breakdown. Anxious. Terrified. I’M AWESOME. Fed up. Pathetic. Clueless.  I’M FIT AS A FIDDLE.  Disdainful. Detached. Shut down.  I’M WORKIN’ HARD.  Given up. Wish I was dead. Can’t take anymore.  I’M WONDERFUL.  Annoyed. Irritated. Empty.  I’M KEEPIN’ MY CHIN UP.  Shut off. Numb. Broken.  I’M NOT BAD. Small. Melancholy. Dispirited.  I CAN’T COMPLAIN. Upset. Discounted. Enraged.  I’M COOL.  Indignant. Infuriated. Fuming.  I’M FANTASTIC. Seething. Ticked off. Ready to blow a gasket.  I’M JUST SUPER. Pitiful. Heartbroken. Guilty.  I COULDN’T BE BETTER.  Ashamed. Insignificant. Invisible.  I’M ALRIGHT. Misunderstood. Misjudged. Un-lovable.  I’M HANGIN’ IN THERE. Outcast. A failure. Unimportant.  I’M TERRIFIC.  Unhappy. Despondent. Wretched.  I’M JUST GRAND. Dismal. Sullen. Bad-tempered.  I’M KEEPIN’ UPRIGHT. Unsociable. Inadequate. Dejected.  I’M TAKIN’ IT EASY.  Upset. Grief-stricken. Weak.  I’M FIGHTIN’ THE GOOD FIGHT. Cheap. Anonymous. Hollow.  I’M STAYING POSITIVE. Sorrowful. Desperate. Desolate.  I’M ROLLIN’ WITH THE PUNCHES.  Awful. Disgraced. In agony.  I’M GRATEFUL FOR THE DAY.  Tortured. Suffering. Tormented.  I THINK I’M WINNING. Aching. Swallowed up. Consumed. I’M KEEPIN’ BUSY.  Dark. Wrathful. Jealous.  I’M GIVIN’ IT ALL I’VE GOT. Spiteful. Vengeful. Bewildered.  I’M PRETTY GOOD. Baffled. At a loss. Disoriented.  I’M GETTIN’ER DONE.  Crazy. Insane. Un-balanced.  I’M PLUGGIN’ ALONG. A shadow of a person. Discarded. Walled-off.  I’M WAITIN’ FOR THE WEEKEND. Mixed-up. Anguished. Tolerated.  I’VE GOT MY HEALTH.  Mislead. Isolated. Friendless.  I’M LOVIN’ LIFE. No one to turn to. Nowhere to go. Un-loved. I’M PERFECT.  Unwanted. Abandoned. Rejected. I’M JUST HUNKY-DORY.  Outcast. Wounded. Damaged.  I’M ROCKIN’. Abused. Hopeless. Incapable.  I’M PEACHY-KEEN. Devastated. Mortified. Lacerated.  I’M JUST DUCKY.  Wrecked. Crippled. Battered.  I’M AWAKE. Intimidated. Forsaken. Meaningless.  I’M BETTER THAN I WAS. Pointless. Obstructed. Beaten-down.  I’M HERE.  On the verge of collapse. Undone. Undeserving.  I’M GROOVY. Unfit. Inappropriate. Despicable.  I’M LIVING THE DREAM. Unattractive. Unappealing. Sexless.  I’M ON FIRE.  Awful. Repulsive. Disgusting.  I’M ALRIGHT.  Grotesque. A monster. Contaminated.  I’M SWEETER THAN CHOCOLATE.  Rotten. Idiot. Fool.  I’M SUPER-DUPER.  A joke. Dazed. In a fog.  I’M GOLDEN. Shattered. In pieces. Destroyed.  I’M JUST DANDY. Defective. Wrong. Violated.  I’M LIVIN’ LARGE.  Ruined. Insecure. Vulnerable.  I’M OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER.  Troubled. Overwrought. Weary.  I’M NOT DEAD YET. Vacant. Futile. Absent. I’M UNBELIEVABLE.  Lifeless. Emotionless. Drained.  I’M AS GOOD AS I’M EVER GONNA’ BE. Anesthetized. Paralyzed. Fragmented.  I’M STILL BREATHING. Perforated. Discouraged. Alone.  I’M FINE.

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