DNA Activation


After completing this DNA Activation Meditation, I asked my Council of theThree to comment. Here is what they had to say…

t: Will you tell me about DNA and the importance of activation? 

theThree: Young one, there are so many things your kind and kindred do not understand. DNA is only partly what your white-coated ones choose to believe. There is magic locked deep within each of you. It is the wisdom of the gods. It is in every One.

You are each coded in your own way and it is your task to understand the signs that you may unlock these (k)odes, and know your selves. The symbols you use to describe them shall confuse you, for these symbols are anchored in your world and are not infused with the mysteries you seek. Look to the old languages, and to the messages from the sky.

As your unfolding begins, you will see many, many things that can not be called by words. Do not attempt to describe them this way. To share this knowledge truly, you must connect outside yourselves. You must gather in the ethers. You must return to your original form and share your joy in pictures.

There are patterns that weave through the fabric of your reality, that only some shall see. These grids are the link from All to the One. Traverse upon them gently, for every movement sends ripples through the All.

Your DNA is the stuff of stardust and universes.

Activation is the process of awakening and shall not happen all at once, or to every One in the same way. You each have your journeys to unfold, and your own sweet song to sing upon the earth.

Become the music that lives inside you.

This is the clearest way.


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