We Are All Bullies Now

This is a channelled message from my Council of theThree:

t: Will you speak to me about bullying? 

theThree: There is no one way to finish this fight. Your images are all too much in favour of violence and it is with each One – their own choice to play, or to change the game.

Your children are raised to think of violence as entertainment. Is it any wonder that they emulate their heroes? Even their parents model this behaviour. Think of how you speak. Think of how you walk. Think of how you model energy for children.

How many in your world teach children kindness by being kind? How many teach gentleness by being gentle? How many love, by loving? How many courage, by being brave? These are actions that must be modelled. It does more harm than good to speak of things you do not yourself, do.

Your children are trying to remember their connection to the One. They are trying to tell you about the things you have forgotten. They are trying to move you to action by showing you their pain. They are asking you to remember who you were before you learned separation. They are asking you to help them repair the damage you have done.

Your people must give up their judgements. There is none alive that is better than another. You must teach each other to remember the One. You must treat each One you come upon as though it were your own. And you must learn to treat yourselves more kindly.

Your self-loathing is the first pain your children see when they arrive. And they try to make you remember you are good, but you are so caught up in the net of lies that you are not even able to see the truth of who you are.

Love yourselves. Love each other. Do not judge another – no matter how different from you. Your judgements do not matter – except that they keep you from the truth as they colour your view of the world.

Tell your children stories of remembrance. Show them what kindness means. Model gentle as the path to greatness. Become the beautiful souls you ask your children to be.