Abundance: Source, Limitations, Trust & Gratitude…

As a kid, I don’t know that I ever had an awareness of abundance, at least, not as I would define it today. My mother & step-father had lots of ‘stuff’, but theirs was an extremely dysfunctional relationship – lacking in all the things that are benchmarks of true abundance: love, trust, honesty, gentleness, kindness, compassion, health, growth, and so on…

Among other things, my step-father had some serious substance abuse issues, and struggled to find & keep any kind of viable employment. So, by all appearances, we lived large & well. But in reality – our house was full of dissonance, abuse, scarcity thinking (especially around food) and the constant threat of losing our home and possessions. If I really think about it, I suppose what I learned about abundance from my childhood is this:

All the money & material things in the world will not make a person happy, a family functional, or a relationship healthy. – Whatever you ‘own’ can be taken from you at any time. – People lie. Just because someone appears to have everything, it doesn’t mean they actually do. They are probably just as scared, hurt, and confused as you are.

The core belief that developed for me, from all of this can be expressed as follows: ” I would rather be poor and happy, than rich and miserable.”

I have no illusions that being poor will make me happy, or that being rich will make me miserable. It’s more of an understanding that true abundance is not rooted in financial or material wealth. True abundance is found in wealth of spirit, heart, body and mind. The messages I received about abundance in childhood were pretty messed up, but in the end, they served to teach me a greater truth:

Contrary to what many of us have been told, abundance does not come from the bank, or your job, or your parents, friends, or children. It does not come from your career, or your degree, or your charisma, or your charm.

Abundance springs from one source only – the infinite, eternal, limitless Universe.

When we are able to connect with this remembrance; when we remember that we are one with All That Is; when we remember that there is no separation between us and everything else in existence; when we remember that we ARE the Universe – we establish a direct line to abundance.

Whatever we can think, dream or imagine ALREADY exists. We have only to clear the way so that it can find us.

Fortunately, more and more of us are consciously living our lives from a place of abundance – believing always, that the Universe will provide. Occasionally though, we all fall prey to fear-based, scarcity thinking.