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About Mayan Cosmology & Dreamspell

From the day we are born it seems, our lives are governed by time, and yet… we seldom consider the implications of all this scheduling. Rarely do we contemplate the deeper, more subtle effects, and the manner in which our relationship to time affects the very foundation of who we are and how we function in the world.

Natural timekeeping connects us to, and helps us mark our time in accordance with natural rhythms and cycles. It maximizes our empowerment, inspiring greater productivity and integrity, and aligns us with meaning, purpose, and connectivity. It evokes the mindset that time is perpetual and never ending, and reminds us that we are an integral part of something immensely important, even if we can't define what it is.

Mayan Cosmology, and Dreamspell 13 Moon Timekeeping are windows through which you can develop appreciation of your personal relationship with time, and begin to understand the profound effect Gregorian calendar programming has on shaping your life and perceptions.

Through this fascinating lens, you can:

* Understand how seasonal, geographical, planetary, and evolutionary influences

affect your life and relationships.

* Expand your awareness by becoming attuned to natural cycles of time

regulated by the earth, moon, sun, stars, and seasons.

* Learn about ancient Mayan archetypes,

and understand their relevance in emotional, spiritual, physiological, and developmental cycles.

* Identify your Mayan Birth Glyph,

and learn how to maximize this energy for your greatest good.

* Discover glyph teachings –

including mudras, mantras, meditations, and affirmations you can use daily

to reconnect to what is truly meaningful and important in your life.


Personal Introduction to Mayan Cosmology & Dreamspell

Your Personal Introduction to Mayan Cosmology and Dreamspell includes an opening exploration of your personal Birth Glyph, and it's meaning in your life. We'll take a look at the basics of the Mayan Calendar (it's not what you think!), and learn what the Dreamspell system is, how it intersects with Mayan archetypes, how it works, and why engaging with it is one of the most transformative things you might ever do. This hour might just change your life! 

* Introduction to Mayan Cosmology & Dreamspell is available via Phone, In-person, and Online.



Who owns your time owns your mind.

Change your time and you change your mind.

Change your mind and you change your world.

Jose Arguelles

Image by Bryan Goff

Dreamspell Birth Chart & Interpretation

Your Dreamspell Birth Chart & Interpretation is a deep dive into the sacred map of your heart, your mind, your emotions, your soul's purpose, and your infinite interconnectedness with the heart of both the Earth, and the Universe itself. It is a portal to self-understanding, that re-awakens your natural human connection with primordial cycles of evolution and consciousness, and guides you into alignment with the profound purpose and meaning that is uniquely yours, as you walk upon this earth. Your chart and interpretation will include an in-depth description of your Kin Number and Birth Glyph; your Guide, Analog, Occult, and Antipode - whose energies empower, challenge, strengthen, surprise, and support you; and a thorough explanation of how these all come together to influence and guide you on your journey. This is no trite list of personality traits. It's more akin to a handbook to your innermost self, and a manual for your life, well-lived. 

* Your completed chart will be emailed to you in PDF format. 

There are no wrong turnings.

Only paths we had not known

we were meant to walk.
Guy Gavriel Kay

Birth Glyph Calculation & Starter Description

Your Birth Glyph & Kin Number are the starting points for developing a relationship with some of the most powerful energetic influences in your life. This starter description includes your Birth Glyph, Kin Number, and an introductory summary of their energies, influences and wisdoms. 

* Your completed synopsis will be emailed to you in PDF format. 


Recognize what is in your sight,

and that which is hidden from you

will become plain to you.

the Nag Hammadi Library





Only a species whose time sensibility has been captured

by instruments of artificial measure
could have become so alienated as to have produced the montrous conundrum
known as the 'fast world';
a civilization where money and technology advance
prevail over human sensibility and the natural order.

Jose Arguelles